Art Brazil plays a significant role in the celebrated art scene in South Florida by bringing attention to one of the world's most important countries for art and artists. As it showcases the work of Brazilians in the US among other regional artists, it becomes evident to the viewer that their art deserves recognition beyond Brazil and to be included and supported by the entire cultural community.
Carol Damian - Art Critic, Former Director at Frost Museum

Art Brazil is synonymous with visibility, learning, commitment, connection and artistic growth. It is an honor to participate and witness this great event in South Florida that values not only the Brazilian artistic community in the USA, but also the Latin American public. Art Brazil is part of my career, it was for me a doorway from the rational to the extraordinary artistic universe. I will be eternally grateful to be part of this great organization which I consider to be a stepping stone from small to large, to larger, from lower to upper, from present to future, from the measurable to immeasurable, from random to concrete thinking, from possibility to the realization of a dream. This is Art Brazil, a showcase for artistic recognition.
Daniel Taveira - Artist - Mexico City, Mexico

Art Brazil is a must for both emerging and established artists. An art fair organized with love and attention to detail and public, where art is not only exhibited, but also shared with children from different schools that visit the fair, and have the chance to talk with the artists themselves, tell their stories and talk about their construction. Art also has to be verbalized!
Blima Efraim, Artist - USA

Four years ago I had a life changing encounter that transformed me into many aspects. Getting to know Jade and her art movement promoting artists was of fundamental importance in my art and participation in Art Brazil.
My first Art Brazil was unforgettable. Being able to see, meet and connect with so many artists and be a part of a social impulse is of great importance to artists and art. Much gratitude to Jade for this support and effort in maintaining this yearly exhibition that is ArtBrazil.
Ceci Staubli - Artist - USA

ART BRAZIL is much more than an art collective of Brazilian artists in the USA. Art Brazil is the fuel for artists and the Brazilian community that lives in American soil to remain motivated and continue to make art. It's an agglutinating event. It overflows diversity because it opens doors to information that breaks and expands borders with art. I am eternally grateful to Jade Matarazzo for including me from the first edition always with a lot of respect.
Grazi Gadia - Artist and Founder of Eye Contact With Autism - USA

Joining Art Brazil is an incredible experience. I have had the opportunity to attend twice and the event is getting better, more organized and known every year. All the artists present are very competent and have fantastic works. This type of exhibition is super important to spread Brazilian art around the world, Brazil is growing more and more in this field and this needs to be shown. Long live #artbrazil !
Leandro Caram - Artist - Belo Horizonte , Brazil

Participating in Art Brazil 2018, and being the only Venezuelan was a wonderful experience. The artists gathered in the Artserve space, with high-level works, allowed me to meet and exchange ideas with Brazilian artists very committed to their identity. I was pleasantly surprised by the activities with the community carried out by Jade Matarazzo, a photographer of recognized prestige. Mainly, the exchanges with the Elementary and Media schools and the artists, as well as the workshops and classes that took place and were taught. Likewise, the programs of interaction with artists and children with disabilities within the community allowed to establish very strong bonds that help their integration with other children. I thought it was a very important experience at the level of an artist and as a person.
Morela Avilan - Venezuela